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6 (Practical) Essentials For The New Mother

New motherhood probably isn’t going to be the most glamorous stage of your life. It’s filled with the most mind-blowing love you’ll ever experience and the sweetest little koala cuddles you’ll ever get, but glamorous? Not really...

Which is why this list includes things such as maternity pads and feeding pillows cleverly named ‘My Brest Friend’ (genius). Here’s what we’ve tried and tested and can swear will help to make the first six weeks of motherhood a little easier… Image: The Cocoonababy® nest, $299,  available at Baby Bunting 

The First Six Weeks by Cathryn Curtin

A friend called me earlier today raving about this book and while the first six weeks of both my children entering the world is behind me, I would have loved to have read it. The early days of motherhood can be very overwhelming and it’s definitely worthwhile reading a few books before giving birth so you know what to expect. Keep in mind though that like any job, study and education will help, but you learn the most valuable lessons while you’re on the job. Experience is everything. According to Rebecca Judd: “Cath Curtin is a guardian angel… my family have always been happy, healthy and well slept thanks to Cath.”

The Cocoonababy nest

They might cry a lot, but babies are easy to work out: they just need milk and to feel warm and snuggly for the first few months (even if it means you get no sleep). You can see where they’re coming from: it must be a rather rude shock to come out of utero, where it’s toasty warm and cozy, and into the real world. The Cocoonababy® nest helps to reassure your baby and help him or her adapt smoothly to life after birth. While respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the elongated semi-fetal position in the Cocoonababy® nest helps babies to feel safe and content in the big wide world. The advantages of sleeping in the nest? It’ll improve the quality and length of time of your baby’s sleep. Trust us. This has been tried and tested by a girlfriend who has a newborn (who was unsettled at the time) and she swears by it. I only wish I used it with my two girls who were appallingly bad sleepers.

My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow Organic

Warning: you’ll never feel more unsexy in your life than when you wear the My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow Organic. Jokes aside, this funny looking pillow did actually become my new best friend. Given how often I was feeding, I ended up wearing it most of the day. Not really the new go-to accessory I had in mind post-birth (a Louis Vuitton tote that doubled as a baby bag was what I had in mind) but motherhood is full of surprises. Here’s what it does: wraps around your body helping you and your bub to maintain positioning and latch-on. The backrest helps you maintain good posture during feeding and prevents you getting a sore back and neck. The firm, flat cushion also keeps baby from rolling while the arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress. There’s also a pocket for your essentials (water bottle, cloths, phone, etc). You’ll feel like a parched camel in a dry desert while you’re breastfeeding – I’ve never been so thirsty in my life. Keep water with you at all times when feeding.

Tom Organic maternity pads

You need to wear maternity pads for around six weeks after giving birth. And while I never thought I’d get excited about maternity pads, life has changed. These will excite you. Try them, experience the softness and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be hooked. Read our interview with the founder of Tom Organic Aimee Marks here.

Coveted Things swaddle scarves

You’re only going to take a couple of thousand photos of your new baby in the first week, so clear some space on your phone. And while you’re on your phone, purchase a swaddle from Coveted Things. First and foremost, they’re soft organic cotton swaddles and make great wraps. But they’ll also make you smile (even if you want to cry). Our favourite? The Shit Just Got Real™ Organic Swaddle Scarf™. According to the brand: “If you have ever gone through the ‘no kid-to kid’ transition, you will completely understand the meaning behind this design. This blanket was created to bring humour and light to the reality that we are all in this together. When you become a parent, shit gets real… real amazing, real scary, real happy, real crazy, real beautiful, real magical, real grown up, real real.” We couldn’t agree more.

Comotomo bottles

The award-winning Comotomo bottle is a 100% non-toxic, pure medical grade silicone baby bottle featuring design elements that naturally mimic breastfeeding. They’re becoming increasingly popular for babies who refuse the bottle. I struggled with my second daughter Lottie, and then Zoe Foster Blake gave me one of her Comotomo bottles. When I got home I gave it a whirl and Lottie took it beautifully. It was a game changer.