These are the beauty products our editor can't live without |

These are the beauty products our editor can’t live without

I love my mother’s honesty. It’s one of her best qualities. She always tells it as it is. If something doesn’t suit me, she’s guaranteed to let me know. If I look like I haven’t slept for weeks, she’ll tell me. “Darling you look tired. Are you using eye cream?”. Am I using eye cream? I haven’t stopped lathering the stuff on since I had kids...

It’s just that it’s hard to fight four years of broken sleep. I look tired because, well, I am tired. I’m exhausted. Happier than ever before, but in dire need of a full night’s sleep. Now more than ever I rely on a few beauty products to give me a bit of a lift. Foundation is my best friend. Mascara is essential. And as I get older, I now realise why my mother has always encouraged me to use hand cream (fact: your hands are the first part of your body to show serious signs of aging). If I ever feel like I’m still in my twenties, one look at my hands and it hits me: my twenties are long gone. To celebrate Westfield’s annual Beauty and Wellness Weekend (hello exclusive offers, workshops, beauty samples and wellness treats and basically loads of pampering) on October 15 and 16, I thought I’d share my go-to products for time-poor mothers from Westfield. I always like to go in and try before I buy. Here’s what I use, what I love, trends to try and what you need to add to your beauty routine. I still get told I look tired (thanks Mum), but I look a little brighter than I would without these quick and easy beauty saviours. Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo

Red lipstick

If you see me walking around with red lipstick smeared across my face, be kind. I am still working on perfecting this trend. I look at women who rock a red lip effortlessly and I’m in awe of them. Why doesn’t it smudge? It looks so chic. They look so polished pouting their red lips. I recently walked into David Jones in Westfield Bondi Junction and told them what an amateur I am at applying red lipstick. They recommended Guerlain Kisskiss Lipstick. So far, so good. I’m still working on perfecting the application but it’s the best one I’ve tried.

Super mascara

Ok here’s a confession: in these photos I’m wearing fake lashes and mascara. What can I say? I need all the help I can get. Occasionally I’ll go through phases where I get lash extensions applied. They’re highly addictive and you wake up feeling ‘done’. I’ll then add my favourite mascara – Clinique Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara. Every mother needs a super mascara. This clever mascara resists smudges and smears for up to 24 hours yet removes easily with warm water. Perfection, no?

SHOP: Chantecaille Future Skin foundation, $111, from Mecca Maxima at Westfield. Clinique Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara, $42. BY TERRY Rouge-Expert Click Stick, $51, from Mecca Maxima at Westfield

Flawless foundation

Prior to editing The Grace Tales, I worked in glossy fashion magazines and was surrounded by beauty products. I’ve tried seemingly countless foundations over the years. Some worked, others were a great disappointment. Future Skin by Chantecaille foundation is the best foundation I’ve ever used. It’s a big call. I know. But I’m serious – it’s amazing. The oil-free gel foundation blends easily and makes you glow. I also love Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation – it’s light, dewy and instantly makes you feel fresher. A little tip on foundation: it’s a crime not to prime. Before I apply foundation, I always start with Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer to add extra hydration to my skin.

Eye spy

I’ve inherited my mother’s super sensitive skin so need to be careful about the products I use on it. Clarins Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover is one of my favourite products. It’s a nightly essential and my skin loves it. It contains ingredients such as organic chamomile extract, which soothes and relaxes and organic rose water, which refreshes and hydrates.

Luxury in a cream

My La Prairie creams are off limits for my toddlers who love rummaging through my beauty cabinet. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream contains protein-rich caviar extract, which helps to nourish and energize your skin. It’s super hydrating. I also love the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask (perfect for time-poor mothers). It’s a indulgent overnight treatment with caviar extracts and proteins to firm, restore and retexturise the skin while you sleep. So you wake up looking fresh, even if you don’t feel it.

Sun safe

My mother also taught me how important it is to be sun safe. Of course, I didn’t listen. Boy, I wish I did. It wasn’t until I started experiencing pigmentation and seeing visable signs of sun damage on my face in my twenties that I started to get serious about sun protection. I now mix Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 into my foundation daily. This is a non-greasy formula that mixes in easily to your moisturiser or foundation. Use it religiously – your skin will thank you for it.

Need more beauty inspiration? Robyn Lawley – the cookbook author, swimwear designer, DJ and mum – is an ambassador for Westfield’s spectacular Spring Summer 2016/17 campaign ‘The Front Line’. She’ll be leading Westfield’s annual Beauty & Wellness Weekend, held across 21 centres on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October. Select centres will host hair, makeup, grooming and wellness masterclasses, demonstrations from beauty experts, in-store styling sessions and there are lots of exciting exclusive offers. Get involved and go to for more details.