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Chic Rain Jackets Exist, And Here’s The (Water) Proof

There’s nothing like a few days of drizzle (or in Sydney’s case, total downpours) that leads you to panic-buy wet weather gear.

Why is it that the humble rain jacket is such a necessary part of life, yet is the single item that is missing from so many people’s wardrobes? Perhaps it’s the utilitarian nature of the piece – often mostly functional and lacking in style, we get that it’s not exactly the most exciting purchase to splash your cash on… or so you may have thought. 

After finding myself drenched one-too-many-times at the school pick-up gate (why does it pour at exactly 3:15 pm most afternoons?!), I’ve done the hard work for you in finding outerwear that will keep you dry and looking cool all season long. Whether you throw these jackets over leggings or a dress, we guarantee that function and form can co-exist when it comes to rain, hail or shine. 

Slouchy Beige

It doesn’t get much cooler than this slouchy-yet-fitted silhouette courtesy of Zara. Don’t be fooled into thinking this jacket is all about looks – the adjustable hood, elasticised sleeves, and polyethylene coating make this the ultimate in rain-wear chic. Buying now. 

Jacket, $99, Zara

Anorak Done Right

A rain jacket in every sense of the word that doesn’t scrimp on style and gets top marks on sustainability. Each jacket is made from 28 plastic water bottles! 

Anorak, $136, Everlane  


Trust Bassike to inject a hefty dose of cool into a simple cotton jacket. Note how the oversized sleeves allow for plenty of layering come woolly jumper time – very important! 

Coat, $650, Bassike 

All-Weather, All-Right

An investment for sure, but we guarantee you’ll be wearing this nautical-inspired all-weather jacket until the end of time thanks to its classic sensibility and hard-wearing fabric. A staple. 

Jacket, $843, Parajumpers 

Wet, But Sporty

A lightweight jacket with an undeniable sporty edge. This is the ultimate in run-around-chic thanks to its easy, throw-on style, utilitarian pockets, and adjustable hood. 

Jacket, $239, P.E Nation 

Let It Rain(s)

There really is no other brand that specialises in rain jackets of all varieties quite like Scandinavian-born Rains. With its global offering of long, short, tight, loose, coloured, plain (we could go on..) rain jackets available with a click of the finger, it was hard to narrow down our favourite. A failsafe purchase. 

Jacket, $200, Rains 


A heritage brand that makes the best rubber garments and accessories, you trust Hunter with your boots, now trust them with your jacket. 

Jacket, $293, Hunter Boots


It doesn’t get much more iconic than an army-green jacket, but what makes this so special is the drop-hem back, oversized hood and zipper-pockets. 

Jacket, $149.95, Mango

Multi-Wear Spray Jacket

This jacket is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to function and form. Tie it up or wear it loose, there’s a distinct fashion edge to this fully waterproof and recycled polyester spray jacket that will look perfect dressed up or down.

Jacket, $199, Country Road 

The Ultimate

North Face isn’t solely reserved for camping trips and hikes anymore, quite possibly thanks to the Kardashian Klan but also because their products are just so reliable. In terms of wet-weather protection, function, and form, it doesn’t get much better than the infamous Dryzzle jacket. 

Jacket, $350, North Face