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Children’s Beds We’re Loving

While there's plenty of gorgeous children's beds around, it's often hard to find something with character that appeals to design-discerning parents and their equally cool kids...

Of course, it’s also hard to negotiate with a toddler who insists on a pink princess or racing car bed. But if you’re able to pick your child’s bed, we’ve found three businesses who create beds with a difference. Whether you favour vintage French style, something bright and colourful or a chic modern look, here’s where to go.

Little French

“Whilst searching for the perfect first bed for my three children I was frustrated with the quality and the design of the new beds that were on offer – I wanted something that was well made, from ethically sourced timber, something that was classic and that wouldn’t need updating as my children grew… that’s when I ended up falling in love with vintage children’s beds,” says Little French founder Josephine Hendriks. You’ll fall in love with her beautifully handcrafted children’s beds, all of which are unique and if needed, refurbished by hand. “No two beds are the same and no bed is perfect, they are all, perfectly imperfect,” she says. Go to

Green Cathedral

We first discovered bespoke furniture company Green Cathedral a couple of years ago while visiting the Australian seaside town of Noosa. We left the showroom wanting to fill our entire home with their beautiful hand-made furniture. We also love that owners Tim and Sally Scarce are staunch supporters of supporting local industry. “It is extremely important for us to keep our manufacturing in-house and in Noosa. In the beginning, we had many people tell us that the only way to survive is to send the manufacturing offshore. However Tim is a perfectionist and would not be happy unless he personally has a hand in making every single piece. On a more personal level, Noosa is not considered a town with a lot of industry and a lot of kids leave school and move away to find work. We like that we are creating our own industry and that we are able to employ local people and who knows, perhaps our own kids would like to join us in the future,” says Sally. For a pop of colour, we love The Archie bed which comes in over 10 different bar colours. Go to

Incy Interiors

We know what you’re thinking: does this bed come in a queen size? It sure does. Perfect for you or your tiny tot, this chic rose gold metal bed was designed in collaboration with leading interior stylist Megan Morton (we knew there was a reason we loved it so much!). Modern and sleek, it’s the perfect option for parents looking for a four poster bed but wanting to steer clear of anything too traditional. Go to