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Discover Where The Mummy Influencers Sell Their Kid’s Pre-Loved Wardrobes

If you have ever had Insta-envy of all the amazing childrenswear featured on various influencers’ feeds, you need covet no longer...

Kidswear Collective, the pre-loved/ past-season designer sale site, is where most of the leading influencers and mummy bloggers – Hannah Strafford Taylor, Laura Wills of Fashion Big Blog, Sofia Gouveia of @mrssofiagouveia – sell their darling offspring’s designer gifts. Many have been worn no longer than it takes to fire off a picture.

It’s been created by children’s fashion and lifestyle PR of 15 years, Shoshana Kazab, hence the host of leading names.

She has also lured the likes of Burberry, Bonpoint, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Rachel Riley and Stella McCartney Kids to sell their past season collections at up to 80 per cent off. You can shop safe in the knowledge that everything is in beautiful condition and genuine.

At a time when we should all be thinking about buying less and making our children’s clothes last longer it couldn’t be more timely. We’re obsessed.