Editor's letter: Georgie - The Grace Tales

Editor’s letter: Georgie

Read Georgie Abay's editor's letter in the current issue of GRACE magazine...

I feel incredibly lucky to work with the women I do. Since I created The Grace Tales and now GRACE magazine I’ve met the most wonderful women – some of them I knew from my previous career (our art director Racquel Thomas and I worked together at VOGUE) and others I met through starting this business. I now think of them not as work colleagues but as friends who I get to work with. We laugh a lot when we’re on shoots, we talk on the phone about things unrelated to work, we get stuck at airports together for hours on end (don’t ask), and we Skype each other from different cities around the world often with children sitting on our lap. We’re all trying to be good mothers, friends, partners and more and many of us are also balancing building a career. As I write this, it’s almost midnight. I clocked off early today so I could take my daughter to her tennis lesson. I often do things like this and catch up on work after they’re tucked away in bed. It’s not easy at times – especially if I am working to a tight deadline – but it works. Ultimately the juggle is all about priorities. I don’t go out more than twice a week at night or I just get too run down. I exercise a few times a week and I accept the fact that my inbox will never be empty. It’s a juggle but seeing this issue come together makes it all worth it. It’s bright, happy, uplifting and filled with inspiring women. I’m so thrilled to have mother, photographer and blogger Candice Lake on our cover. I’ve known Candice for years and she’s always been such an inspiration. You’ll also love our feature on Marysia Reeves, the founder of resortwear brand Marysia. There’s also the ultimate mum guide, an extract from Lauren Sam’s hilarious new book Crazy, Busy, Guilty. And so much more, but it’s time to go to bed. I hope you enjoy the first issue of 2017. Georgie x You can see issue 3 of GRACE magazine at www.grace-magzine.com | Pictured: Cover star Candice Lake with stylist Kristin Rawson and editor Georgie Abay | Photo: Liz Ham