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Go ahead – make our Joolz Day

The pram to push by proud parents around the world has just got better writes Claire Brayford...

While out with my ten-month-old, I am regularly stopped in department stores by anxious-looking mums-to-be: “Can I just ask you – are you happy with your pram?” they ask. “Would you recommend it?” And I always say the same thing: “Absolutely.” And I would. It has safely carried my four-year-old to and from pre-school and play-dates, and it housed her sister from the moment she was wrapped in a blanket at the hospital to today, as she is chauffeured around, proudly holding onto the quilted leather bar like she’s having the ride of her life. It’s light, easy to manoeuvre and feels solid and secure – and it looks good which, quite frankly, as it’s the only accessory I’m seen with these days is no minor detail. But like anything that you use every day there are a few tweaks that in an ideal world I would love to make. Thankfully Joolz, who “believe good parenting is all about being happy”, are listening and they have taken their best-selling Joolz Day to create the new and improved Day 2, with 20 changes in total.

Firstly, it’s more compact – so if you are squeezing into a lift or whizzing round the supermarket you can do so with ease. There is four-wheel drive, which makes light work of bumps and kerbs while your little one snoozes comfortably, and although I always found the folding mechanism a little clunky, that has been smoothed out so you can whip it into the car and out again. I also had two punctures (this may have been due to some over-zealous shopping on my part) but the wheels have been made even lighter and puncture proof, even when you are weighing it down with groceries and a buggy board. I always wanted the sun hood to be just a little bit longer and low and behold it has been extended to shield any harmful rays, and the ventilated mesh is clearer so you can see your little one while they enjoy a fresh cool breeze. There are toy hanger loops for added amusement, a new hypo-allergenic mesh mattress for warm days, extra head cushioning for comfort and a magnetic buckle to make fastening easier. I also like the fact that the shopping basket is bigger and easier to access (see extra-shopping tale above) and that it has all been developed and built sustainably in the Netherlands – they even will plant a tree in the Joolz birth forest for your newborn when you register your pram online. I don’t know about you, but this news has definitely made my day. Words: Claire Brayford | Go to www.my-joolz.com