Good morning! We've just launched GRACE magazine |

Good morning! We’ve just launched GRACE magazine

Today is an exciting day for me. And while my excitement might not match that of my two and four-year-old at 5am this morning (yawn), it’s up there with toddler enthusiasm...

We have just launched GRACE magazine, a monthly digital publication for the style conscious mother. I have been working on this magazine for a couple of months now and it really is so exciting to see it finally published. If I go back to my life three years ago, things were so different. I had just returned to work at VOGUE after six months of maternity leave, launched The Grace Tales and everything felt a little all over the shop. It’s funny how much motherhood changes your life path. I never imagined I’d soon be a work-from-home mum. Fast-forward three years and I’m the mother to two adorable (and crazy) little girls, the editor of The Grace Tales and have launched a magazine. Life is hectic, busy, overwhelming at times, but it’s also more balanced than it has ever been (that is, when my printer is working. When it breaks down, we all break down). As stressful as it is – and don’t let Instagram fool you – I love running my own business. My mother always ran her own business from home and she was a fantastic role model for me. My biggest motivator is passion. I am deeply passionate about what I do. I love interviewing inspiring women and sharing their stories with you. I’m passionate about creating great content. More than anything, I love that through my job, I connect with other mothers and laugh about what a mad, crazy, wonderful, exciting and exhausting adventure we’re all on. We’re all tired, we’re all doing out best and we’re all in this together. I’m incredibly proud to have Australian actor Teresa Palmer and her angelic blonde-haired son Bodhi Rain on our first cover (see the story here). Her second child is due in a matter of weeks. For me, it’s a career highlight. Photographed by my dear friend Julie Adams, I’ve never seen her look so striking. Teresa is beautiful, honest, warm, talented and more but what I really admire about her is that while she’s deeply passionate about her career as an actor (she stars in the inspiring new biographical war film Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson, now showing) she’s also very open about the fact that there’s more to life than work. Motherhood really does put everything into perspective. Raising our children is the most important job we will ever do. There’s so much more for you inside GRACE magazine (we visit interior designer Anna Spiro at home, talk to fashion stylist Amanda Newman about her sea change, and don’t miss our exclusive La Prairie offer). We’ll be coming to you monthly too. I hope you enjoy the issue – I’m so grateful to all the incredibly talented people who have worked on GRACE with me. And I’m so grateful to our The Grace Tales readers – thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading the site. Georgie x Read GRACE magazine here Cover image: Julie Adams | Styling: Annabelle Harron | Makeup: Elsa Morgan | Hair: Andrew Zepeda | Art director: Racquel Thomas