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GRACE magazine: woman on a mission

"When my brother died, my whole world came tumbling down. It took me a while to pick up the pieces and accept my new reality. However from the moment he passed away, I just knew in my heart that I wanted to do something in his name,” says Hong Kong-based Australian mother-of-two Alex Shaw, who set up the Andrew Woinarski school foundation in honour of her late brother Andrew Woinarski. It has been 10 years since she lost her brother and started her mission to help children throughout Asia receive something they all deserve: an education...

She’s an exceptionally extraordinary woman and her brother would be proud of her. Shaw’s goal was to build 10 schools in time for her brother’s 10-year anniversary. This year they achieved their goal and now have schools throughout the Mekong region – Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia – with a total of around 1,500 students. Read the full story in GRACE magazine here Go to | Photography: Julie Adams