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GRACE: Meet the best friends and sisters behind The Beach People

What started as a simple idea - a range of round beach towels - has grown into a global success. In the new issue of GRACE magazine, we meet the sisters behind The Beach People...

“Mum and dad are such an inspiration, just that rad combo of adventure mixed with hard work. Our whole life they were buying and selling businesses and travelling all at the same time. Work, relax, work, relax… they’ve taught us a beautiful way of life,” says Byron Bay-based Victoria Beattie, who co-founded The Beach People with her sister Emma Henderson back in 2013. Given their upbringing – much of their childhood was spent by the ocean – they were probably destined to do something inspired by the sea. When Emma was first born, the family lived on a yacht and spent their days sailing around the Pacific. “Most of my childhood memories are of the seaside… we were always at the ocean,” says Henderson. Not surprisingly, the idea for The Beach People – a brand known for their luxe seaside luxe essentials such as roundie beach towels and beach bags – came to them one day at the beach. They noticed how their beach umbrella cast a circular shadow on the sand. A round towel would mean you could maximise your towel space in the umbrella shade. It went from there. Four years in (and four children between them) and they’re growing at a rapid rate.“We had a fairly loose business plan and goals. But we flew past them and had to dream and think bigger. It was and still is a wild ride,” says Henderson. To see the full story, go to | Go to | Photography: Kara Hynes | Hair and makeup: Luciana Rose | Location: The Atlantic Hotel Byron Bay