Hey mama, got something to say? Join our new 'Grace Opinion' community and share your voice with us!

Hey mama, got something to say? Join our new ‘Grace Opinion’ community and share your voice with us!

Want to get something off your chest? Want to be published on The Grace Tales? Join our growing global community and share your opinion with us…

Four years into motherhood and I know that to survive and thrive as a mother, we need to support one another. We’re all in this together and there’s nothing like a friend telling you it’s ok to feel overwhelmed or reading an honest article where the writer describes something you’re going through. Gosh it’s comforting being reminded that I’m not alone, because there have been many times where I’ve felt like ‘why can’t I do this – everyone else seems to manage just fine’. Chances are that whatever you’re experiencing, someone else is going through that exact stage or dealing with that issue too! Don’t be fooled by Instagram – we’re all doing our best and it’s not nearly as perfect as those little edited squares would lead us to believe. The Grace Tales is fast becoming the leading website for smart, style conscious mothers around the world. We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you! And by you, I mean our smart, stylish and savvy reader. So we want you to take a more active role in the site. Got something to say? Feel like a (considered) rant? Or just want to connect with other readers? Then share your opinion with us! We want to hear your honest, real and insightful words. We want to be the platform for you to share your opinions and experiences. We want to hear your voice. We want to publish your stories. You can write about anything related to being a mother from pregnancy to love to tantrums to friendships to wine to birth to career to health.

So how do you submit your opinion piece? It’s easy…

-Our opinion pieces are around 400-1000 words. Please don’t go over 1200 words as this is too long. -Keep your tone chatty – it’s almost as if you’re talking to a friend. Don’t write in a formal tone – keep it conversational and entertaining. Focus on short, snappy sentences with personality. Write from the heart and don’t hold back! Be confident in your words – we want to hear what you have to say. -Please limit the number of exclamation marks you use. -Unless you really need to, try and avoid swearing. We swear when we write from time to time, but keep it to a minimum. -Make sure you check for grammatical errors. -Add a heading. Make sure your heading is clear and direct. For example you’re your piece is about toddler tantrums, mention this in the heading. For example ‘The toddler tantrum that I’ll never forget’ or ‘10 ways to deal with toddler tantrums’. When you’re finished, email your story and a high resolution head shot to opinion@membership.thegracetales.com We’d love you to share your posts once they’re live. Share your story on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email.


By submitting an opinion piece to The Grace Tales you agree to the following terms & conditions: -We reserve the right to edit all submissions. Stories will be sent back to the writer with any changes for approval before they are published on www.membership.thegracetales.com -Brand promotion is not permitted within the opinion pieces. -The Grace Tales reserves the right to publish a piece – if a piece is not appropriate or does not follow the above guidelines, it may not be published. We will not publish any inappropriate material. -The Grace Tales reserves the right to share all posts on social media. -The Grace Tales does not pay writers for submissions. -All views are the writer’s own. The Grace Tales is not responsible for the opinions of any writers who are published on The Grace Tales. Image: Julie Adams