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If You’ve Been Thinking About Eyelash Extensions, Here Are The Trends You Need To Know

If you've started to wonder wonder why most of the population seems to have been blessed with giraffe-esque lashes, you're not going mad.

But rather than being a beautifully generous genetic blessing, we likely have eyelash extensions to thank for the trend. Fast becoming a beauty treatment that’s as common as a manicure, it’s not hard to see why everyone is falling in love with eyelash extensions.

The treatments are completely relaxing, instantly provide a subtle lift and eliminate chunks of time from your everyday beauty routine. If you’re thinking it could be time to embrace the lash, you may just be right.

We spoke to the lash queens at Sydney’s Lady Lash to find out what’s on the horizon and how to embrace lashes in 2020. Whether you’re hoping to keep them guessing or are ready to embrace the glamour, here are the top five trends in lashes for the year ahead.

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Corporate Lashes

If you have no intention of stopping traffic but every hope of eliminating the need for mascara, look no further than Corporate Lashes. More discreet than other extension options, Corporate Lashes are ideal for a more natural, enhanced look that will go largely unnoticed (but will make a world of difference). Providing sightly more length and volume than your natural lashes, Lady Lash create sets that are shorter and neater than usual, and also use brown lashes for blondes and redheads to assist in creating a more professional, polished look.


You heard it here first. No longer confined to the realms of the female, men are opting for lash treatments – from tints, to lifts and low-key lash extensions – all designed to refresh and brighten the face. Completely customisable in length and thickness, men can opt in to a personalised set that made for their individual preferences.

Lash Lifts

To ease into the lash game, step away from the mascara and opt instead for a low maintenance lash lift. This innovative treatment lifts and curls the natural lashes, while infusing them with keratin and biotin for strength. Lasting anywhere from 6-10 weeks, lash lifts are the perfect low maintenance lash treatment, and can be paired with a tint for extra darkness and effect. No-fuss, natural lovers, you’ve met your match.

Lash Health

Like all else in life, lash health is critical. To ensure extensions stay beautiful, using proper after-care products and techniques is key. Avoiding mascara use, and daily cleansing with lash-safe make-up remover means your lashes will look great for longer. Lady Lash also stocks serums in all their salons, which are designed to condition, strengthen and lengthen natural lashes.