Introducing The Grace Collection (and the stylish neoprene tote you can't live without)

Introducing The Grace Collection (and the stylish neoprene tote you can’t live without)

Created by our founder Georgie Abay, we’re so excited to introduce our new product line The Grace Collection to our readers. What’s it all about? In a nutshell: we want to bring you chic limited edition products that you can't live without. Everyday items that you’ll use time and again. They’ll fill gaps in your wardrobe. They’ll make living a stylish life a little easier...

Think of The Grace Collection as your new go-to destination for all your style essentials. The first essential to add to your wardrobe? A smart neoprene tote. It’s not too precious. You can throw it in the wash. And it’s designed with the stylish mother in mind. Our bags come in three colour combinations so there’s something for everyone and they’re the kind of bags you can take anywhere and everywhere. Use them as gym bags, beach bags, travel bags, baby bags and more. Each bag also features a removable neoprene pouch, which fits all your essentials from your smart phone and keys to nappies and baby wipes. Go to | Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo