Introducing the sweetest traditional childrenswear brand Little Rowen & Little Wren

Introducing the sweetest traditional childrenswear brand Little Rowen & Little Wren

Little Rowen & Little Wren has all of its parents’ muted elegance, with pieces that will grow with your child. The brand was founded five years ago by couple and business partners, Lucy Uren & Graeme Purdy, when a discussion about their future over dinner led them to put the money they had saved for a new house, not to mention their backgrounds in design and retail consultancy, to good use and create a new homeware brand...

“I tend to be a bit overly cautious in my approach to things, so I hadn’t taken the leap to pursue this in the past, but Graeme is much more of a risk taker,” says Lucy. “It was his encouragement that led me to believe that it was something that was not only possible, but could also be very successful.” The couple are about to start the renovation of a 17th century thatched cottage in Hampshire, allowing them to indulge their passion for updated, classic homeware. “Its sophistication and longevity is something that not many companies tap into,” she says. “I love to fill my home with pieces that evoke the past but are redefined in clean and contemporary finishes.” Children’s furnishings are just the latest step in their plans to bring the Rowen & Wren touch to each room in your home. “We have hit an age where a lot of our friends and family members are having little ones, so all of a sudden we’re becoming very aware of the children’s market as we’re constantly looking for new gifts and homeware, particularly for our niece and nephew,” says Lucy. That same niece and nephew, Maya, aged five, and Lewie, aged two, star in the new collection imagery as well as bringing their seal-of-approval. “A perk of being a very proud aunty and uncle is that you have willing mini-models on call,” says Lucy. “Their parents were also on hand with a pocketful of chocolate buttons when a little bribery was needed!” It is a collection to enthuse parents and children alike, from the nostalgic heirloom-style, hand-appliqued quilts to the hand-loomed Beryl blankets in wonderful colours. There are traditional toys like the knitted finger puppets, sweet merino wool slippers and classic pjs, as well as bigger investment pieces such as the blackboard-fronted pantry cupboard for keeping toys in order. The range is robust and homely – and makes a welcome change from pink cutesy plastic. If only our little ones could be as quiet as their style, we’d buy the lot. Words: Claire Brayford | Go to