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Jennifer Justice Answers Our First-Ever GRACE Quiz

When our favourite knitwear label, Lingua Franca, published a feature titled, "It Takes A Village," (photographed by our favourite NYC photographer, Yumi Matsuo, no less) we knew we needed to share these images - and the stories of the incredible women in front of the camera.

The series (you can view the full collection here) features a range of diverse, inspiring women and their children, all in their home of New York City. Wearing Lingua Franca’s signature personality-filled cashmere sweaters, it was a match made in aesthetic heaven. 

We have spoken to the women featured in the photographs to share a little bit more of their story, in this exclusive series we’re calling “The GRACE Quiz.”

First up is  Jennifer Justice, who “is as much of a bad-ass as her Marvel Superhero name implies. She’s the Co-Founder of The Justice Dept, a female-focused advisory and legal firm which works with entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives in all stages of their careers. Before that, she served as the President of Corporate Development at Superfly and spent 17 years as the personal entertainment lawyer for Jay Z. She’s also a single mother of twins, Nico and Jack, who has been outspoken about the power she gained after becoming a mother…”

Here is a little taste of the fabulous Jennifer … 

Shop Lingua Franca | Photography by Yumi Matsuo

Your name?
Jennifer Justice

What do you do? 
I am the co-founder of a female-focused strategy, consulting and law firm called The Justice Dept – we represent female founders, brands, talent, creatives and executives to help them achieve success

Your children? 
Twins – son Jack and daughter Nico – 6 years old

Your hometown? 
Seattle Washington

Coffee or green juice? 

Exercise of choice?  
The Class by Taryn Toomey

Wine or meditation? 
Why do I have to choose one? 

Book on your nightstand? 
So Here’s the Thing by Alyssa Mastromonaco and Stalking God by Anjali Kumar

The last podcast you listened to? 
Rebecca Minkoff’s Superwoman podcast

Album on repeat? 
The Highwomen – all-female supergroup a la The Highway Men. Amazing

Favourite app? 
Calendar app – I am useless without it and check it about 70 times a day to see what I am doing. 

Top mum hack? 
To keep them from asking for toys every time we go into any store, they get $20 a month – except December and March (their birth month) to spend after doing their “chores”.  If they want to spend more, it goes into the next month and less, it adds on to the next.  Teaches them responsibility and math. And quickly diffuses my need to answer no a thousand times to every toy they see, and I don’t feel tempted to buy them anything other than their chosen monthly toy. And the iPad of course. 

Winner kids’ meal? 
More like an accompaniment, but morning smoothie with chia & flax seeds and all the greens masked with berries and all the things they like. Sneak it all in.

Favourite parenting book?
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and How to Raise Successful People by Esther Wojcicki.

Favourite baby product? 
Muslin swaddles – I still use them at towels for the kids’ swim class as they are absorbent and small to pack. 

Top kids’ label?    
Lingua Franca for their sweaters – obviously.  

Most clicked website?  
Unfortunately Amazon – single mom, entrepreneur, no time.

Mother crush? 
Too many to count here – all moms are my mother crush.  It’s hard to be a mom. 

Favourite nighttime ritual? 
Family sleep on Saturday nights after pizza/movie night where we all sleep in my bed. I am of course in the middle and surprisingly I sleep through the night. 

Sleep training or go with the flow? 
Sleep training – learning to sleep through the night is the most important thing a baby can learn

School pick up uniform? 
I wish I could pick them up from school!

Go-to workday outfit? 
Dress with sandals, sneakers or boots.

Dress up a look with … ?  
Heels and statement jewellery – for this Lingua Franca photoshoot, I went straight to a black-tie by adding just those two things and more makeup.

Top beauty product? 
Drunk Elephant Marula Oil

Greatest wellness activity?  
Hoping to find one soon.

Biggest regular indulgence? 
Wine and tortilla chips. Not necessarily together.

Top relationship tip? 
I’m single – don’t ask me for relationship advice. 

Year-end teacher’s gift?  
Homemade Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies. THE BEST and I don’t really eat sweets.

Hardest age? 
Between 1 ½ and 3 – twins! It’s a lot of admin.

Favourite age? 
Right now.

One tip for a first-time mum? 
Go with your gut. You know your kid better than anyone!

One thing you’re working on?  
Patience. It doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s a process.