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Judging By These Hair Accessories, We Basically Haven’t Grown Up

As much as a messy top knot is a busy mum’s best friend, so to is a new-season hair accessory. From clips and headbands to more elaborate shells and beading, this is the season to elevate your hair game with a simple or statement-making hair accessory.

Here are ten of our favourites to buy now. 

Pretty in Pink

A seriously pretty addition to any outfit – be it simple jeans or an evening dress – this knotted headband has a luxe feel minus the hefty price-tag.



A Personal Touch

It doesn’t get much more special than a monogrammed velvet hair-clip. We love the idea of this for party season, or as a gorgeous gift for a new mum. 


Golden Hour

A striking metallic touch against dark or light hair, buy now and wear the entire festive season. 



All Tied Up

Never underestimate the star power of a bow, especially when a little oversized. 

Shell Be Happy

No, we’re not quite over shell accessories yet, and yes, these are a seriously sweet addition to a messy bun. 

Holiday Mode

If you haven’t packed a headscarf for your next seaside vacation are you even really on holiday? 


Pastel Pretty

An affordable way to elevate a simple spring/summer look. 


Statement Beading

If you don’t want to share this with your daughter we totally understand.

Fruit Twist

Forget tortoiseshell, show unruly hair who’s really boss with an adorable pineapple clip.

Sleek and Chic

If you want to keep things streamlined, it doesn’t get much more classic or stylish than a simple black satin Alice band.