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Klorane Is Taking Care of Our Families, By Taking Care of Nature

In the recent school holidays, the Klorane Botanical Foundation brought its sought-after Herbarium on Stage children’s workshops back to The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.

The internationally-renowned children’s workshop series worked with our little ones to bring passion and plant proficiency to the next generation. Focused on children aged six to 12, they allowed kids to be a botanist for the day (instead of another screen time victim) in their fun-filled, hands-on workshops.

These workshops were the third run by the Klorane Botanical Foundation in their partnership with the Gardens.

Providing a healthy blend of education, entertainment and exploration, the workshops ran twice over two days. Children were taught how to make their own herbarium (a collection of pressed, dried plants), before they headed out to explore the fascinating gardens where they smelled, touched and tasted the plants that have been important to Australian people for thousands of years.

The workshops also included a chance for children to get their hands dirty, with a potting session where the budding botanists  planted their own seedlings to take home.

Established 25 years ago, the Klorane Botanical Foundation has three key missions: to protect endangered plant species; explore botanical marvels in order to better understand and protect them and to share botanical passion with as many people as possible, particularly children. Its Budding Botanist Program in schools has already educated 600,000 children around the world.

What’s more, their Herbarium on Stage workshops have been staged in France, Singapore, Korea and Argentina, giving children around the world a unique, hands-on experience that is designed specifically to build their relationship with nature.

In Australia, the Klorane Botanical Foundation currently supports plant conservation through their three-year partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, working closely with them on a number of initiatives including supporting the Gardens’ rainforest conservation program, which uses world-class science to protect Australia’s rainforest species, collects threatened species and shares its research expertise in the conservation of Australian plant biodiversity globally.

As a brand we adore so much for ourselves and our children (their new baby range is delicious), we love Klorane for taking care of us, taking care of nature, and taking care of the next generation.

For more on Klorane, visit https://www.klorane.com/au-en/klorane-botanical-foundation-au.

You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.