Lindy Klim on styling Coco and Ginger’s new collection |

Lindy Klim on styling Coco and Ginger’s new collection

Calling all mothers of girls between the ages of 10-15 years, you’re going to love Coco and Ginger’s new range for tweens and teens...

We caught up with the Bali-based stylist behind the new campaign Lindy Klim (the impossibly chic mother of three and creative director of Milk & Co) to talk about styling her tween daughter Stella in the new collection, how she keeps fit (hint: it’s called Motion and “it’s AMAZING”) and how she unwinds after a big day. Photography: Rowe Timson | Go to | Hats by Fallen Broken Street 

What do you love about Coco and Ginger’s new range for tweens and teens?

It’s perfect! The range has that festival feeling with out being over the top!

How did you approach styling it?

To be honest I just looked at how [my daughter] Stella wears the range. She has the perfect mix of rock ‘n’ roll, while still looking feminine.

What are your favourite pieces in the new collection?

All of it! They are perfect for mixing and matching… I love to even have the prints clash at times.

How long have you known Coco and Ginger’s founder Saffron Pugh-Blaby and what do you love about working with her?

I think while I have lived in Bali so about four years. Saffron is one of the sweetest and kind people I know. Coco and Ginger is such a fantastic, successful business and I have loved watching my girls grow up in it.

Has your daughter Stella inherited your love of fashion?

Yes she certainly has. In fact all of my children have.

What pieces in your wardrobe will you be handing down to your two daughters?

Everything… that’s the only reason I keep things. They will have all my favourite pieces and by then they will be vintage so even better!

What’s your off-duty uniform when you’re in Bali?

It’s very casual. It just consists of a relaxed shirt and denim shorts.

What about when you’re working…

Skinny J brand jeans, Equipment shirts and loafers. I have an array of different blazers that I can’t live without as well.

What fashion advice will you give to your daughters?

None! They won’t listen to me anyway. I’d actually prefer for them to find their own way and have their own take on fashion.

Favourite hotel in Bali?

Alila Soori.

Favourite restaurant in Bali?

Tiger Palm.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Monsieur Spoon croissant and coffee.

What’s your favourite exercise?

I go to Motion everyday… it’s AMAZING. It’s very hard to describe so you will just have to go.

What’s your favourite summer activity?

Beach, beach and more beach.

How many dresses do your girls own?

Honestly I don’t know… clothes come in and out of this house.. You have no idea! The girls have so many friends and sleepovers that clothes just come and go.

What’s the best way to unwind after a big day?

A walk on the beach at sunset and a big glass of red wine!