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My Morning Routine: Kelly Muller

So what does this cool Bondi mama’s morning routine look like? Kelly Muller, strategic marketing and PR consultant talks us through how she starts her day…

For more than a decade, Muller has been growing businesses, brands and reputations through strategic PR, marketing and communications. Her most recent role was Marketing Director at Australia’s fastest growing e-tailer, Stylerunner. Now as a new mum to Sunny Marlow, Muller now balances being both a #girlboss and a #mumboss through her own consulting business. Responsible for the PR of Pip Edward’s debut brand, P.E Nation as well as Bondi’s sought after non-surgical cosmetic clinic, The Clinic. Photography: Caroline McCredie Words: Sarah Brooks-Wilson

Can you take us through your morning routine?

I wake when Sunny wakes which varies between 6-7am at the moment. I pull her into bed with me for cuddles and we read a book before getting up and making breakfast. We’re out the door around 8am for a morning walk – and my daily coffee. Living in Bondi makes it so easy, we either walk to North Bondi and stop at Bondi Massive or Porch and Parlour or do Bondi to Bronte and head up to Bennett St Dairy on Bondi Road. In the summer, we start the day with a dip in the ocean – Sunny has been in the water since she was 10 weeks old.

What about your beauty routine?

It’s pretty simple thanks to Kaye Scott at The Clinic. I started seeing her before my wedding and she taught me that simplicity and consistency is key. I cleanse with Cosmedix Benefit Clean then apply The Clinic’s own ‘The Moisturiser’. I use Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum under my eyes and apply Aspect Envirostat Dry Touch Sunscreen (always!).

How has it changed since having Sunny?

It hasn’t – having great skin is a priority for me and because it’s super simple, it’s easy to maintain!

What are your top tips for getting a good night’s sleep?

Go to bed when the baby does! Sunny is only eight months old and we work to a ‘Sunny-led’ rhythm, which at the moment, is a 7pm bedtime. She then wakes around 11pm for a top up feed, so I try to get to bed by 8pm so I can sneak in three hours before she’s up again.

Muller’s beauty products, from The Clinic

What does your makeup routine consist of?

I’m super low-maintenance when it comes to makeup – I’ve never really been any good at applying it so I keep it simple. I use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, BeneFit Concealer, Laura Mercier Bronzer and ModelCo LashXtend Mascara daily. I also get my brows done regularly by the amazing Roxy at Kristin Fisher Brows – this isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity! For special occasions (such as my recent nuptials) Jini Han in Sydney’s Double Bay for eyelash extensions is a must.

What has motherhood taught you so far?

It’s without a doubt cemented the love I have for my husband – I am in awe of him when I see his calm, patient and proud demeanor around Sunny and I know that anything is possible with him in my life. It’s taught me patience, gratitude, resilience and perseverance like I have never experienced. I am now a kinder, calmer person – everything I do, say and feel is absorbed by Sunny, so I am far more conscious of my words and actions.

Muller wears P.E Nation

Do you exercise?

Exercise has been a priority since I hit my mid twenties and it’s no different now that I have a little one in tow. It makes me feel more energised, happier, more positive, healthier and stronger. I walk with Sunny daily – sometimes twice a day! On top of that, I try to get to two weights sessions a week at F45 Surry Hills.

Can you tell us about your diet?

Since falling pregnant, I have developed one heck of a sweet tooth! I’m constantly in search of chocolate, lollies or Messina, which is weird as I wasn’t ever into sweets before. Other than those naughty cravings, I eat pretty well. I start the day with overnight soaked oats packed with blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds or soft-boiled eggs! Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before and dinner ranges from salads to anything Mexican right through to my current favourite, sesame-crusted salmon with green beans and bok choy.

Kelly's little list of loves:

My husband! We have been together for almost seven years and we just recently got married. I still get butterflies every time I see him! The ocean –  Living 200m from the ocean makes our tiny apartment in Bondi all worth it. Hearing Sunny giggle – seriously, is there anything better than your baby’s laugh?! Our West Elm box coffee table – I have a long list of coveted interiors purchases and recently added this one to our home. Lazy Saturday mornings with my family. Skype sessions with our family in New Zealand. Both sets of Sunny’s grandparents live in NZ and it’s incredible to see her face (and theirs!) light up when they see each other. Technology is a bloody wonderful thing! The satisfaction of seeing my clients in print or online. More than a decade on in my career, I still throw out an imaginary fist pump when I see a client in the press. Embarrassing, I know! Our king size bed by Sleeping Duck. It has changed our lives!