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Olli Ella Have Done It Again … This Time, For Us

Look around a modern Australian family home, and you'd be hard-pressed not to find an item with the discreet but recognisable tag of "Olli Ella."

In fact, as I type this (knee-deep in social distancing), I am surrounded by a slew of baskets, a child’s shopping trolley, and a few gorgeous Dinkum Dolls. When it comes to homewares and children’s accoutrements, it seems Olli Ella can do no wrong.

Now, they’ve extended their collection to include a new line of clothing for women – WARES by Olli Ella – and we couldn’t be happier. Bringing their signature effortless style in muted tones to women’s clothing, the items are timeless and applicable for all stages of a mother’s life – from pregnancy and breastfeeding, through to the everyday school run.

This collection is not the brand's first foray into womenswear, with their small capsule collection in 2019 becoming an instant success, with the first run selling out within 48 hours of launch.

This Arroyo Collection is now the third apparel collection for the brand, met to the sounds of ‘hooray’ from their cult-like followers across the globe.

Like all their pieces, WARES by Olli Ella is made using natural materials, sourced sustainably, with a focus on craftsmanship and ethical production. The pieces are made from the brand’s ultra-soft 100% Certified Organic Double Gauze Cotton, which is grown, dyed and woven in a Global Organic Textile Standard cotton mill (GOTS) in India, and even the buttons are made using readily available coconut husks.

Each piece is versatile, lightweight, and can be dressed up or down with everyone’s favourite, buttons. All garments are also washer and dryer friendly (for easy care and easy wear), and most can be reversed. If there was ever a motherhood-friendly range, this is it.

“I wanted to create an apparel collection for women – for mothers in particular – that makes them feel beautiful, comfortable, stylish and can be worn everywhere from around the house, to the office, to dinner – and if you’re anything like me — sometimes to bed,” said Chloe Brookman, co-founder and director of Olli Ella. “It’s so incredible to see how quickly our customers ‘got it’ – just reinforcing for me how much a fashionable but livable collection of pieces that are wearable, washable, and effortless was really needed. One dress will see women through all stages of life – from maternity and breastfeeding to everyday living.”

Shop the WARES Collection by Olli Ella  And we’ll meet you at the checkout.