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Sheep Inc. Is The World’s First Carbon-Negative Fashion Brand (And It’s Divine).

In the wake of unprecedented climate change, it's reassuring to see businesses across the globe making commitments to improve their footprints. Never is this more critical than across the fashion industry, which as a whole, is one of the world's largest polluters.

A brand new label – Sheep Inc. – is taking their responsibility up a notch; believing that sustainability is no longer enough, nor is carbon neutrality. Recognising the need for urgent change, the label is the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand. 

With one-of-a-kind Merino wool jumpers designed for everyday life, the brand provides full transparency back to its origins; being the only fashion label worldwide to offset the carbon footprint of the product tenfold, by investing in biodiversity products.

But these jumpers are so much more than a eco-statement.

Made out of ZQ-certified Merino wool, their styles are classicly cool, with timeless, seasonless designs in a muted colour palette that is inspired by nature. So you can consider your cooler months’ wardrobe sorted. 

With ribbed collars and cuff details, they’re lifelong staples that are finished with a distinctive hand-sewn design, using yarn ends that would have otherwise gone to waste.

And while each jumper is 100% biodegradable, they’re designed to last a lifetime. 

“ We believe it is time to face the consequences of our actions. We believe the warnings. We believe we’re running out of time. We believe in a better way of doing fashion. We believe in reconnecting to the source. We believe your clothes should be designed to last. We believe in transparency. We believe in ethical production. We believe in carbon-negativity. We believe in total integrity. We believe ‘sustainable’ is no longer good enough. We believe in sheep.” ”

Ezard van der Wyck, Michael Wessely and Gavin Erasmus, Sheep Inc. founders


What's more, a tag on each jumper's hem is marked with a unique serial number that, when scanned, can unlock the full details of the jumper's manufacturing journey and carbon footprint.

As the name suggests, sheep are also involved in the process – far more than simply providing the wool. Sheep Inc. will send you regular updates about your sheep’s movements and wellbeing, to remind you that every item of clothing starts somewhere.

With total transparency, honesty and traceability back to the fields of New Zealand, Sheep Inc. are not only creating beautiful pieces for our wardrobes, but are setting a new standard in environmental accountability. We hope they set the standard for many more labels to follow.

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