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How To Style Little Girls’ Rooms

Little girls’ rooms - the stuff dreams are made of! As mothers we can finally unleash our creativity and create the fantasy we always wanted. Be warned though, they can quickly become the stuff of nightmares if you allow all-pink reign and don’t invest in adequate storage, says The Paradise Catcher's Emily Armstrong...

When your baby girl starts toddling out of the nursery, it’s time to think about the next five years, and it’s wise to choose decorating items that can last this long at least. If your little lady shares with her brother as one of mine does, there is always an opportunity to inject some girly magic without taking over the shared space. In fact, some of the girls (or shared) bedrooms we love most aren’t overly feminine and usually feature sentimental items, a clean bright space, handmade treasures and pops of colour. The key to a successful look is all in the mix and avoiding clichés – resist the temptation to always think pink, unicorns and ballet motifs (unless specifically requested of course!). Think antique items paired with modern pieces, clean lines with texture, mixing up the saccharine with earthy tones and bright colours, all layered onto and a clean, bright, white space. Bespoke is best – if your daughter is more Calamity Jane than Strawberry Shortcake, rejoice and let her lead the way. Then do choose some great storage solutions so it becomes a room for playing rather than constant tidying. To get you started, here are some of my favourite products and there’s also a gallery below filled with some of my favourite little girls’ rooms to get you inspired! Story: The Paradise Catcher’s Emily Armstrong Image: Julie Adams