What Every Mother Needs In Her Basic Beauty Kit |

What Every Mother Needs In Her Basic Beauty Kit

It’s hard to know what to buy in the beauty aisles these days. Here’s a quick cheat sheet on all the products you need and the stuff you don’t...

Photo: Grace Alyssa Kyo Words: Sarah Brooks-Wilson 

Balm cleanser

Don’t expect to have good skin if you don’t clean it.  Yes it’s hard when you’re dog tired and just want to flop into bed, but a decent cleansing balm will remove every last trace of makeup, dirt and prepare your skin for treatment products. Massage onto dry skin and remove with a hot face wash. Your skin will feel amazing.

Liquid exfoliant

Not to be confused with a toner, these contain AHAs and BHAs, which help to remove dead skin cells, refine pores and minimise the appearance of fine lines. Just put a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe over the face every other day after cleansing.


If you’re not using one, it’s time to get into them pronto. Serums are highly potent and packed full of anti-ageing ingredients that can treat anything from pigmentation, wrinkles, oiliness, age spots and dehydration. Apply after cleansing and before your moisturiser.

Moisturisers (day and night)

Every skin type benefits from a moisturiser, so don’t skip this step as they are designed to comfort, hydrate and protect your skin. When choosing one, check first that it is designed for your skin type. Just make sure they don’t contain mineral oil, which can aggravate spot-prone skin.


You know the drill, it’s a must and probably the most powerful tool you have in the war against premature ageing. Formulations have improved and is less skin clogging than they used to be. They are high factor and protect against both UVA and UVB rays.  

Lip balm

It’s always good to have one or two handy. Lets face it, who doesn’t have one in every bag, glove box and side drawer. It’s an instant pick me up for when lips feel dry, breath stale and for when lipstick looks uneven or flakey.

Tinted moisturiser

They give a lovely healthy glow and make everyone look instantly better, helping to even out the complexion and adding radiance with minimum effort.


Even if you just conceal and wear a tinted moisturiser, you’ll look much better, promise. They even out the skin tone, cover pimples, broken capillaries, pigmentation and disguise under eye circles. It needs to match your skin tone or be a fraction lighter and be creamy and opaque enough to do its job. Don’t get confused with highlighting pens, as they will only make the problem you are trying to disguise worse.

A matte ivory eyeshadow

It’s a good base for your eyelids, it takes away redness, suits all skin tones and is a good brightening base that you can pop any other colour onto. It needs to be sparkle free and don’t forget to blend with a large eyeshadow brush from lash line to brow.

Pink blush

Whether you go for a cream or powder blush it’s an instant hit for making you look healthier and perkier. The darker your skin, the darker you may go, what is important is that there is some colour on your cheeks to add that youthful glow.


Let’s face it; mascara makes a huge difference on everyone. It instantly makes eyes look wider, brighter and more awake. Whether you like a natural look or a full lash avoid over applying, as smudging is just not cool.

Nude lipstick

The best colour is one that could be the natural colour of your lips, from rosy pink to mauve and chocolate brown. A nude lippy goes with any makeup look, occasion and is neither under nor overdressed. Go for a satiny, creamy finish as it wears evenly and doesn’t leave the line that matte versions do.

Things you don’t need

Anti-cellulite creams, gels, serums – Expensive and cannot possibly work. Invest in a good body scrub, cream and fake tan, as they will minimise the appearance of cellulite better than anything. Bust gels and creams – no topical product can penetrate the skin to create fat cells, try a push up bra if you need more in that department. Neck creams – a firming moisturiser will do just as well. No cream will dramatically tighten a sagging neck.