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Want to Learn How To Sleep? Don’t Miss This Luxurious Sleep Retreat

“Our goal has always been to help people sleep better and prioritise meaningful rest. Over the last five years, we have researched and surveyed hundreds of people about their sleep problems, gradually developing more products to help customers build sleep rituals to solve these problems. With sleep problems still on the rise, we were constantly being asked for more information on how to help people re-discover quality sleep,” explains the co-founder of The Goodnight Co. Shea Morrison, who is busy preparing for the brand’s next Sleep Retreat, which will be held over four days from September 5th at the luxurious Springfield Farm in Sydney’s Bowral...

“The Retreat and Workshops provide personalised help for those struggling with disrupted sleep patterns and provide a mixture of education and relaxation, science and deep sleep, meditation and mindfulness,” she adds.

The Goodnight Co. Sleep Retreat is an intimate four-day retreat allowing individual attention to focus on why guests might not be getting enough sleep and how to start to change this. Hosted by resident naturopath, Jen Cox and set in a beautiful location, this Retreat is created for guests to unplug and reconnect with themselves and our environment.

“It all started with finding the perfect location at Springfield Farm in the Southern Highlands of Bowral. It is a beautiful location with lots of space to connect with nature, fresh air, and nourishing food,” says Shea. Next, they found a team of experts to join them. “Ultimately, our guests are invited to discover how to improve their sleep and build their own individual sleep rituals. The Retreat is very intimate, allowing us to really hone in on individual sleep disruptions and how guests can overcome them. The Retreat is fully inclusive with workshops facilitated by experts, nutritious food, mindfulness practices, yoga and meditation, and incredible accommodation. By the end of the four days, the guests will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and on the journey to improving their overall health and wellbeing.” Where do we sign up?

What can you expect? Guided meditations, restorative yoga, one-on-one sessions with Jen Cox, a journaling workshop – and that’s just for starters. Essentially, this is a retreat where you’ll learn how to do the one thing we all need the most: sleep. 

If you can’t make the retreat, make sure you check out The Goodnight Co’s Sleep Workshops here. 

For more information or to book, go to www.retreat.thegoodnightco.com.au